Welcome to the The VS Combat Show WikiaEdit

There have been many VS Shows, but this one is being on a DeviantArt account!

Admins on the wiki:

  • FingermanAwesomeness (Founder)
  • Hannif Hussain

Their are some few rules:

  • No vandalism/ wiki raids
  • No spamming
  • No death threats
  • No mocking of the creators battle but harmless criticism is okay
  • Don't make pages for fights/characters FA hasn't confirmed
  • No racial slurs.
  • Do not post anything offensive.
  • If you wanna be an admin, don't just straight up ask admins/ founder that you wanna be an admin instantly. And don't say "because you wanna ban people".
  • This is for you admins, don't ban people you hate. If theirs a person who has a history of being a jerk and being an a**hole and hasn't changed up yet, you might wanna ban them.

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